Welcome to

Fiamme Trattoria

Bringing the real taste of Italy to your table, Fiamme Trattoria offers an intersection of old school traditional Italian dishes with an infusion of modern cuisine. From the teachings of my Mother and Nonna laced with an infusion of the great Chef’s I have had the pleasure to work with, the success of Fiamme is the passion in what we do.

Together with my father, Giuseppe, we would like to invite you to share the love of good food and wine. We welcome you, as we would guests to our home, eat, drink be merry and savor not only the delicious food but the company of good friends and family.

Step into Fiamme and you automatically feel like you have walked into our family home for lunch or dinner. The food is tantalizing but the moments you share are the things that you will cherish forever.


Our chefs have created a menu that oozes Italian style home cooking, preparing dishes full of flavour and zest that wouldn’t be out of place at a pavement cafe on the streets of Rome. You will find simple yet exquisite dishes using a range of premium, fresh, seasonal ingredients. We pride ourselves on authentic Italian pizzas and serve creations straight from the wood-fire pizza oven…and with the availability of gluten free pasta and pizza bases on the menu nobody has to miss out.


Fully licensed, our wine selection features local Australian, New Zealand and Italian wines. To complete your experience we have desserts to indulge, like Tiramisu Classico will complete your experience.

We welcome you with a warm heart and gracious hospitality.

Step inside, you will be overwhelmed with what you see, feel, taste.