Introducing Owner / Chef  Nicola Robertiello

In 2003, after working at ‘Porto Santo Stefano’ on the coast of Tuscany, Nicola returned to join his father Giuseppe and work at ‘Dell’Ugo Kitchen’. It wasn’t long until Nicola took over the kitchen; becoming head chef in 2006 after working with some of Brisbane’s top Italian chefs.

Like his mother and father, Nicola believes in “consistency”. He is very strict on ensuring that all dishes are presented in the way they should be and that his team use only the best quality ingredients possible. In 2008, Nicola left ‘Dell’Ugo’s Kitchen’ to pursue another dream. He worked for two years in one of the world’s best Italian restaurants ‘Don Alfonso 1890’, which has been awarded 3 Michelin Stars. He then returned to Brisbane in 2010 to bring more modern finesse to ‘Dell’Ugo’s Kitchen’.

Today Nicola Robertiello is the proud owner of Fiamme Trattoria in Albion.

Tantalizing customer taste buds with the great ‘old school’ ‘traditional dishes’. “The teaching of my mother and nonna with an infusion of the great Chef’s I have had the pleasure to have worked with”.

“When my mother taught me how to cook, she taught me how to live”

It was at this very moment I realized that by teaching me how to cook, my mother had given me, the most wonderful life long gift. The ability to create something I crave into being with my own hands, and to share that special moment with you. To put dishes on the table as I want them to be. To make home, and find it, anywhere I go.


My mother taught me that food is the heart and sole of family. With food you can make a home anywhere you go. In Italy, big meals are treated as an event, with several courses of delicious, simple, tasty dishes and of course, lots of good company. Tradition, to the true Italian cuisine is tasty, when a tomato actually tastes like a tomato. It’s taking something simple and affordable and transforming it into something tasty and exciting.


Step into Fiamme and you automatically feel like you have walked into our family home for lunch or dinner. The food is tantalizing but the moments you share are the things that you will cherish forever.


My mother continues to burn the Flame within me.

Introducing Pizza Cook  Shane Volpatti

Making Pizza Dough

A trade - An Art of a Pizza cook, one of the hardest to master in the culinary field.


Shane Volpatti, Italy born, grew up in Australia since the age of 4 years. At a young age making the decision of taking the path of culinary. Fast forward, Shane has now been in the profession for 20 years.

Working at various restaurants in Brisbane for 10 years of regional culture and flavours, including Asian, Italian, Mexican, Spanish and Australian. Shane then spent 2 years working at Rydges Hotel, Port McQuarrie expanding his expertise also in the function department as a Function coordinator.

Not only Shane decided to make a huge decision to expand his culinary skill as a Pizza cook, he also delights us and our guests with his love of making his own menu of house-made fresh breads.


Lucky for us in Brisbane, Fiamme Trattoria hired a well sort-after Pizza cook. Today we are blessed and so lucky to not only have the best authentic Italian pizzas served straight from the wood-fire pizza oven. And sometimes you will be lucky enough that Shane will deliver your Pizza to you to your table [don't mind the floured cover apron]

Introducing Owner / Father  Giuseppe Robertiello

Giuseppe always had a dream to open a restaurant that provided authentic Italian Cuisine. One day he was in the New Farm area and noticed a beautiful restaurant for sale. He enquired and then within one month on the 11th of June 2000 he opened “Cafe Dell’Ugo” Ristorante Italiano.


In 2001, Giuseppe’s wife Gloria joined him at the restaurant, working side by side with him to build the restaurant to an even greater success.

The success at Dell’Ugo New Farm is the passion in what Giuseppe and Gloria created.


Sadly due to the passing of Mother and Wife Gloria Robertiello, Dell’Ugo closed their doors. Not forgetting his passion and dream, today Giuseppe has joined his son Nicola at Fiamme Trattoria providing their guests the very best in “Italian Homespun Authenticity”.


Giuseppe welcomes you with his big heart, his gracious hospitality is leading his brigade in the restaurant and showcasing the dining experiences. It is fast, exuberant, informative, precise and, at times, theatrical. Always creating a welcoming atmosphere as if you were guests in their home.