Ferrari Event

Wednesday 22nd November 2017 

2nd week of Italian Cuisine of the World

The Week of Italian Cuisine in the World is a yearly event promoting Italy's gastronomic culture abroad, exhibiting its quality and excellence. Cuisine is one of the essential components of Italy's identity and culture, as well as one of the features of Italy through its brands.

Valuing the Italian culinary tradition abroad as one of the distinctive signs of the Italian brand. The 'First Week of Italian Cuisine in the World ' is now followed with the ‘Second week of Italian Cuisine in the World’. The initiative will take place from 21 to 27 November in 105 countries with a wide array of events promoting culinary culture and flavors to millions of consumers worldwide.

So you are asking which restaurant was chosen to hold a Red Carpet Event for the 2nd Week of Italian Cuisine in the world?

Wednesday, 22nd November 2017 @ 6.30 pm the Event will be held at FIAMME TRATTORIA, Albion

Chef Nicola Roberteillo has design the menu filled with elegance to execute the most incredible gastronomic experience for you. Furthermore Ferrari Wines will culturally compliment the palette on each of Chef Nicola’s dishes.

The rich program of the event includes * Canape’s served in the Robertiello’s Family Room, * Filming screenings illustrating how Italian food has become part of the history and what would an * Italian Event be without having the birth of one of the most luxurious car present……. FERRARI.

- Details -

Where: Fiamme Trattoria, 1/299 Sandgate road, Albion

When:  22nd November 2017

Time:   6.30pm – 10.30pm

Cost:   $120.00

This is an event that’s not to be missed! We’d love for you to join us all at our FERRARI Event

For bookings, please click on the link or call 07 -32326777